A shallow review of ‘Revolution 2020 – Love, Corruption, Ambition’

Chetan Bhagat has tried to create his style of love story with a strong message relevant to the present and has botched up both. The novel proceeds through a fairly linear plot. While that can be good at times, it provides very little scope for the reader to get a better view from other perspectives and hence the plot is as shallow as it could be. Incidents between the protagonist and his love interest is so clichéd and would be predictable even for those who haven’t read Chetan Bhagat’s previous better books. Focus on the message part of the plot is too little and I doubt if the intensity will make the readers to feel attached to it.

Revolution 2020 - Love, Corruption, AmbitionThere isn’t much of the wit and light-hearted humour that were a key ingredient to the success of Chetan Bhagat’s books. The author has already proved that he can successfully touch the hearts of so many people and that is why a lot of people will still end up liking this book.


Three days of Chetan Bhagat

I have been spending all my time by doing wrong things at the wrong time, hence I missed out on a lot of things that I like to do and reading books is one of them. My ‘to-read’ book queue had been building up into a monstrous one and as I too was fed up with the routine life, I decided to read some books for a change. I got my hands on Chetan Bhagat’s famous three – Five point someone, One night @ the call center and Three mistakes of my life.

I started with One night @ the call center the day before yesterday. One thing which I immediately felt after reading a few pages was Chetan Bhagat’s style was so similar to the of R.K. Narayanan’s (whose immortal Swami and Friends is one of the best books I have ever read). Very simple and easy to understand language and the plot always goes in a way that we are able to relate something with it. R.K. Narayanan was a genius at that and Chetan Bhagat is a really good one at the same.

Even though the story wasn’t a path-breaking or a mind-boggling one, I still enjoyed reading it because of being able to relate to a lot happening in the story. Five-point someone was slightly better than One night @ the call center coz the plot was over a longer period and the protagonists were students fighting their ways through their college lives like me. :-).

I was tempted to start reading Three mistakes of my life straightaway, but when I was a few pages into it, I realized that I having an overdose of Chetan Bhagat and hence was unable to get myself into the story or enjoy it. So I decided to push it to some time in the near future when I am cured of this very enjoyable Chetan Bhagat overdose. 🙂

Status update: March 6, 2009 – I finished reading “Three mistakes of my life” today and I could conclude that it was the best of the three novels in most ways, but still I couldn’t help feeling cliched about the way Chetan Bhagat has portrayed the female lead characters in all his three novels whereas the male protagonist is shown in an entirely contrasting light.