About me

I am L. Guruprasad (aka Aditya among kith and kin), born 17th November 1988 in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India. I grew up and did all my schooling in Trichy – Kamakoti Vidyalaya till Class X in ICSE and Class XI, XII in The Higher Secondary School for Boys, Srirangam. Currently I am on the verge of completing my B.E. Computer Science course at Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai and joining a reputed leading MNC in my field. I have completed my under-graduation and am now working as Systems Software Engineer at a reputed MNC in Bangalore.

At school I was a passionate quizzer and have won a lot of prizes over a period of time, the best of those being crowned the Regional Winner of The Hindu Young World Quiz 2004, defying odds and intense competition. Since getting into touch with computers, I have been crazy about them and the craze is growing on and on. Gaming is one thing that keeps me hooked on to my computer forever!

At college, thanks to a lot of my seniors and alumnus, I was introduced to Free Open Source Software (FOSS/FLOSS) and GNU/Linux and since then there has been no looking back. There has always been something new for me to keep learning and that thirst helps me get better and better in life. I served as Sun Microsystems Campus Ambassador for about one and half years till Oracle bought Sun and got to learn about wonderful tools and technologies and interacted with a lot of people. I also did the server administration duties in my college with the help of wonderful alumni and my dear friends – a fact that is invisible to most of the world. I am grateful to the college and those who made me what I am – a free software enthusiast.

Though I was so crazy about programming, it has been a few years since I did any sort of meaningful coding out of interest, but I guess that is gonna change once enter the corporate world! Now I have entered the corporate world as a Software Engineer and have started doing coding for job requirements and also out of my own interest. One such thing I developed out of interest is URL shortener which takes in some text and shortens URLs in that text using some popular URL shorteners.

This was my blog till some time back and now it mirrors my own blog.


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